Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Address by His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma to the Nation on the 2018 General Elections February 14th, 2017

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Fellow Sierra Leoneans, on 10th November 2011, I caused my office to announce the dates for the 2012 Local Council and Parliamentary elections; it was little over a year to those elections. Today, as envisioned by our Constitution, and in line with established practice, I have again instructed my office to put forth a public notice announcing that parliamentary and local council elections will be held a little over one year from now, on March 7th, 2018. Having consulted with me, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) will also announce that the presidential elections shall take place on the same date. With my Government’s support, NEC and the National Registration Commission have further indicated their readiness to commence registration for electoral and related activities.

My Government is also in the concluding phase of a White Paper for a new constitution. As provided by law, this will be tabled in Parliament in due course. If enacted by Parliament and in line with ECOWAS protocols on democracy, a referendum on the new constitution will take place before the end of September this year.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, our country is building a democracy. We have held regular elections since 1996. During every one of our four general elections since that year, we have moved forward to take charge of our destiny, strengthen our democratic agencies and create greater awareness on the relevance of participation for everybody, in every town, in every district and every region of our country. Today, I call on all Sierra Leoneans to continue to support this strengthening of our democracy. And no better way exists to render this support than in ensuring that we all register, that we all show discipline and civility, that we obey the rules and regulations set forth for the conduct of free and fair elections. Registration is the first step to making sure that your preferences are accurately reflected in the new constitution, and that the new government enjoys your mandate. 

Democratic discipline requires the awareness that if you belong to a party, that party is bigger than you. The place of political parties in our constitution is sacrosanct; no member of a political party is above the rules and regulations of his or her party; but no political party is above the laws of our country. As President, I am under oath to maintain law and order, peace, security, and the democratic character of the Republic of Sierra Leone. And I will use all the powers vested in my office to continue to ensure peace, security, law and order during the electoral cycle.

Fellow Sierra Leoneans, announcement of the dates for elections is not an announcement for the start of the campaign period. The commencement of the campaign period will be announced by NEC. When that time comes, we expect every party and every individual to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the appropriate authorities. Political activity is no excuse for breaking the law. My government is determined to ensure peaceful and orderly elections; and anyone caught disturbing the peace or violating the laws in the name of campaigning or other political activities will meet the full force of the law. 

We applaud our international friends for their continued support to the consolidation of our democracy. Elections are a tedious process; they require patience, tenacity and understanding of a country’s social and political complexities. We have demonstrated our commitment to free and fair elections; and we will not yield to electoral models and practices that would be vulnerable to hacking, manipulation and other negative external influences. 

Elections are an expensive enterprise and the fact we are conducting a national registration, referendum, local council, parliamentary and presidential elections requires substantial resources. My government has already committed billions of Leones to the exercise and we are engaging our international partners to support us fill some of the funding gaps and capacity needs we have identified in the elections process. These engagements are critical to the overall success of the elections. That is why we are insisting that these partnerships must render elections that are free, fair, credible and reflective of the will of the Sierra Leonean people.

I strongly believe that Sierra Leone will once again deliver free, fair and credible elections. Though we still face challenges, our democracy is growing stronger; our resolve to build on our democratic gains remains unshakeable; and together, men and women of goodwill in all parties, both within and outside the country, young and old, in the executive, parliament and the judiciary, in every profession and field of endeavour, together, this country will continue to be a beacon of unity of purpose, freedom, justice and democracy.



Sierra Leone News: 4000 Biometric registration kits arrive

Group Photo in front of the registration kits

Group Photo in front of the registration kits

On Thursday 26th January, 4,066 biometric, registration kits, valued at over $13 million USD, landed at the Lungi Airport meant for the civil registration exercise.
The Minister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Palo Conteh, said, “The kits arrival will send a clear and strong message to the general public that the 2018 general elections will surely take place.”
Minister Conteh said that the kits will expedite the registration process and eventually produce a single register that will capture every resident in Sierra Leone. “These kits will ensure that every Sierra Leonean is registered and the issue of double registration or voting will be put to rest,” he said.
He added the registration will put an end to the issue of “ghost workers” with the advent of biometric registration kits
The Director General of National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Foday Kamara, expressed his delight to the Smartmatic Company for the timely and safe arrival of the kits. He said the arrival of these kits speak volumes to the fact that the registration exercise is a must and it will be a success.
The DG said, “As I speak we have just received 4,066, equipment, for the civil registration exercise; 3,800 is what government paid for and the 266 kits are spares” he confirmed.
The NCRA DG assured the public of the Authority having the required experts to install the kits throughout the country.
The Board Chairman, NCRA, Dr. Andrew G. Bangali, opined that the whole process of the civil registration hinges on the kits. Handing over the kits, the Project Manager from Smartmatic, Ibrahim Jaber, said, “I am happy because we have completed the first phase of the agreement which is to see that the kits reach Sierra Leone.” Jabber stated that they are hoping to complete the second phase of the project which is the installation and training process
Friday January 27, 2017

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PPRC News Brief 23rd January 2017

Babatunde D.R. Pratt Esq. on Monday 23rd January, 2017 took the oath of office to serve as a Commissioner of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC).

Addressing Commissioner Pratt, H.E. President Ernest Bai Koroma admonished him to work with an open mind in line with the1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone and the Political Parties Act No. of 2002.

President Koroma stressed that there is a lot to be done by the Commission in ensuring that political parties adhere to their party constitutions and the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone. "You are going to the PPRC to serve Sierra Leone and not individuals", President Koroma added.

Responding, Commissioner Pratt assured President Koroma that he will uphold and maintain the mandate of the Commission as enshrined in the Constitution of Sierra Leone.

Commissioner Babatunde D.R. Pratt was nominated by the Sierra Leone Bar Association and appointed by President Koroma.

For more information contact +23278201770


One of our lawyers SORIE TURAY in Sierra Leone commented in November 2015, in a Forum LEONENET@TAMU on the below question: DID HE GET IT RIGHT?


Does the constitution stipulate when we can have presidential elections beyond the 'every five year' timeline? 



  "Short answer is yes, in S.43. The presidential term expires after 5 years from the date when he was elected with a proviso for if there are any proceedings in court in respect of that election. Assuming the president is correctly elected, he can stay in office for up to 3 months following the expiration of his 5 years. If in the meantime parliament has already been dissolved then presidential elections must take place before parliamentary elections.

Now, S.85 gives parliament exactly 5 years from the date of its first sitting after elections. That means since we had parliamentary elections in November 2012, but their first sitting was in January 2013, elections will be held earliest by about February/March 2018.

Because the president has to be in place at the time of parliamentary elections, and he was also elected in November 2012, and this govt will do anything to extend its term as in "More Time" he can, without any fanfare utilise the 3 months allowed him thus pushing it to mid-February with elections correctly held in March 2018.

My money is therefore on March 2018 unless of course you take into account the little matter of the existing State of Emergency which allows parliament to extend its own life by 6 months each time it feels like it when we are in a (State of Emergency) SOE!!"



Any one who feels the President's chosen date as announced is unconstitutional, must now take heart and examine the provisions of the very 1991 constitution they are trying to dig up unproductive reasons to fault the President and the electoral commission with.

Na di word dat! Le we try go befo en luk fur di vote we di kam March 2018 ya!



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