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{Courtesy: Voices Of Sierra Leone-Robert Malcolm Taylor}

 Salone High Commissoiner to UK              

I listened with rapt attention to a couple of speeches delivered by Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella alias KKY on Whatsapp. I surely congratulate him for his admirable education in his own field.

In his first statement, he boasted of being the strongest candidate in “this race”. Good- that is his perception and I respect that. He said further “I am a committed”, a passionate man, a strategic thinker. Bravo SLPP, you have got a great thinker to take you out of your political wilderness. He said further that he would make sure the next generation live in prosperity, and that he would teach some of them how to hold people accountable so that “they don’t rob you of your future.” Oh yes!

The next speech made me confirms Yumkella’s juvenile political experience. Listen to what he said, I quote: I will offer you the possibility of having hundreds of international elections observers to make sure the APC does not cheat you again. I offer you the possibility of raising millions of dollars to make sure the APC cannot buy your freedom and your votes again.” Really Mr Yumkella? Hear him again: I will bring my 30 years of international experience.” To whom? Of course the SLPP. 

I wonder what percentage of those 30 years of developmental experience he offered to his party when it lost two consecutive general elections in 2007 and 2012 without grabbing a seat in the Western Area. I love you, pa Yumkella; I admire you as well but what I heard from you confirmed my assessment of your political standing as a juvenile with little or no political wisdom. Yes sir you may be well educated to the highest level, but political common sense is vital in the African spectrum. 

It is unwise to condemn other political parties by portraying yourself as the saviour who sacrificed a fantastic and a well-paid job of thousands of dollars in salary and perks. Yes, I considered your sacrifice as your investment to become President of Sierra Leone. Therefore as in any investment, you expect a profit- or even profiteering.

At this stage, I would my peace, but please sir, I suggest you stop making criminal, inflammatory, and defamatory statements against the APC of which you have no evidence to support. This is not good politic. 

It is my style not to interfere or meddle into the affairs of other political parties, but accusing the APC of cheating and buying votes from your supporters borders on political bigotry ( an is even an insult to your own supporters). Stop that it is cheap politics.

If your intention is to off-load the APC, I alone can offload you-not by violence or abuse, but by mature political thinking, wisdom and experience. I know your party is in deep political wilderness- for a party that ushered in independence to this country to contest two consecutive general elections and lost without a single seat in the capital (in fact the whole Western Area) you need to first do some deep internal reflection to address that sir than abusing the APC. 

If you are interested, I recommend you read m y soon-to-be published book “The prophecies of a father” vol 2- there’s a chapter “The SLPP in political wilderness” from which you may learn something that might help you in re-shaping your political thoughts. The old adage says “a word for a wise is quite sufficient”

With Love

Eddie Turay


Clifford Mohammed Deen (Athens of West Africa).

I have been fortunate to listen and observe many great Politicians in speech and active service but My High Commissioner sadly is not one of them. Maybe Pa Eddy relied on age and past destructive politics of the Late Stevens era to justify some semblence of matured politics. Is it any suprise that he and the likes of Pa Stevens old guards were soundly beaten by the APC new generation breed to take the leadership of that party. First canal sin by my High Commissioner, which shows that aged in politics doesn't necessary resonate to political maturity, was never indulged in party politics whilst holding the position of the highest representative of every Sierra Leoneans regardless of party political affiliation, residing in the UK and any other European Nation he maybe accreedited. HE Turay should keep a tight lip and not let his emotional political affiliation to the APC cloud his interlect and judgement. Any welled seasonned politician will know the difference between being a party political free hand and that of a High Commissioner representing an entier nation. Politics should have informed Pa Turay that he must at all times keep a guarded thought process in check and wait for the right time in his case when election campaign officially start. Kandeh Yumkella must have touch a raw nerve in Pa Turay, that he forgot his official role as a representative of all Sierra Leoneans and as such must show political maturity by staying out of the political sparring until further notice. Pa Turay, I do not see any political novice in Kandeh's utterance but rather the opposite. Which is doing what politician the world over do. Peach your tent and try to convince the electorates. Sadly High Commissioner, as painful as it is for you and being a strong APC Member, you do not have the privellege engaging in party politics whilst as the same time representing Sierra Leoneans of all political affiliation. The only Blab buster Pa Turay has actually bust is his own novice of political maturity. 
Jimmy Kandeh, Donald Roberts, Columba Blango, M Alieu Iscandari, Foday Daboh

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  1. I wonder what Jimmy Kandeh thinks now of the High Commissioner swing that KKY has abandoned his father’s SLPP and had RAN AWAYwith a few disgruntled, dissapointed ego mongers to join the NGC and effectively turning this new party to a MARK 2 SLPP. It’s like taking a photograph with ‘yesterday’s old film camera and after printing the photograph, one begins to watch the negative - with squinted eyes- because one can hardly see. “ Matured politic” Mr Jimmy Kandeh, Matured politics! Let the respectable High Commissioner teach you something’s: and he did not even predict that KKY & co will betray the SLPP which he bragged for, for so long and what he will do! Now he is doing the same at the MARK2 carbon copy- the NGC, promising everything unachievable - Think SMART!! He still has less common sense: what the High Commissioner called “juvinial”!