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I can now relax from Election Watch and go back on to my daily routine. Whether Maada Bio accepts the RESULTS or not is immaterial. The people of Sierra Leone have spoken and according to the law and our First Past The Post  Process, Ernest Koroma and the APC  have won the Elections with 58.7%( and Maada Bio is a disgruntled and BAD loser. This has been sanctioned by the Electoral within the prescribed time frame and the whole world has recognised the process as "FREE and FAIR"   and that's all that matters now. To hear and read the comments of both National and International Observers expressing their satisfaction is very heartening. On the contrary, to witness the disgraceful ungentlemanly conduct of a very well beaten loser is extremely painful. Maada Bio should have shown a bit more MATURITY, accept the result as it stands then take his chance (??) at the next contest. By his action now, he has completely demonstrated that he is not fit to rule Sierra Leone (albeit- Legitimately- and beyond few days). Maada should nw "Leave the Gun, Take the Olive Branch" and recognise the fact that he has been badly beaten.
 For the first time (after a very long gap) I feel very proud to be  Sierra Leonean. This election has shown us Sierra Leonenians - especially those living outside the country, that indeed PROGRESS HAS COME TO SIERRA LEONE. For the first tie, we do not have to wait until a few days before we can have some information about results. We, outside Sierra Leone had the opportunity of hearing the results being announced in Real Time. just as people in Sierra Leone were haring them being announced -the effect of 'Freedom' of Information at play.Thanks to all those Media personalities, both audio and TV at SLBC, STAR Radio, Talking Point , VoiceKast - all those who  made the process 'real' in our hearts. That is why I am a bid disappointed, when Maada Bio and his henchmen cannot "see the woods, for the trees" - IT IS OVER - GIVE UP' BAD LOSER!! [Cotinued below]]


State House ( Fort Thornton)
Sierra Leone Parliament in action


Chief of Police -Munu

The Law Courts - Freetown

Some  International Observer discussing the progress of of the process on Election day ai SLBC-TV




Jubilant APC supportess - at Election Rally

Bio's sulking behaviour is but really not too surprising. This man wants power very badly and to lose in this way does not meet wit his philosophy.  Just a few days after the elections, as I await the results, I watched a You Tube video - one of the few interviews he scooped on his brief visit to London. This man was openly boasting and confessing to his crime of TREASON committed in 1992. (First of all, he demonstrated his usual LYING traits by not correcting the interviewer saying that he(Bio) was in England on the invitation of Mr Cameron! His demeanour was laced with a silence of deception - giving a false pretence of importance: 'on the invitation of Mr. Cameron indeed!' That said, the part of the video that puzzled me  and I give you his own words vabertim ...
"When I entered the Military, it was my intention to serve

Maada Bio- You Tube Interview Click Link

my country; but, of course as Officers or as members of the Armed Forces of Sierra Leone, we swear that we will serve and defend our Nation and sometimes, you defend your nation,not just against outside forces but from within the country itself. So we decided that it was necessary

TO GET RID OF THIS GOVERNMENT". [i.e. PRESIDENT JOSEPH SAIDU MOMOH'S GOVERNMENT] "We decided to adopt or use the military method because all other democratic means to change a gogernment has failed for over 20 years and if democratic means could not, and nobody is coming to our aid,  WE WILL TAKE THE LAWS INTO OUR OWN HANDS  and free the people of that country" ...    

 Bio then tried childishly to put some blame on the civilians,rather than upholding the responsibility for staging the coup deliberately ignoring the fact that to a very great extent he was one of the INITIAL plotters who contemplated a plan to stage the coup a few days before the 1992 Eid-Ul-Fitri Day (i.e. APRIL 4, 1992  -"PAY DAY" - [Perhaps Idrissa Kamara -then Second Lieutenant - can assist with this narrative, . From information available, Idrissa Kamara together with then Second Lieutenant MONDEH together left their location for the barracks to collect their "logistics at Segbwema"... This was where they met Captain Strasser and then Lieutenant JULIUS MAADA BIO at Segwema at a place they called "UNDER CELLAR" Idrissa offered drinks to the Officers).
They discussed the possibility of overthrowing the Government at some length with BIO Strasser, Mondeh. Accordingly, the Plan laid dormant for a few days until about 16th April. Apparently, Idrissa Kamara got a message that then Lieutenant Kambo wanted to see him urgently.  For some unknown reason Idriss did not meet Kambo, but met with Maada BIO. According to information disclosed by Idrissa Kamara, BIO was the one who told Idrissa Kamara about the planned coup and also gave him the names of the Officers involved at the initial stage...
The names included:


Idrassa Kamara- Coup Plotter-NPRC
Apparently, it was Maada Bio who told Idrissa Kamra about the various TASKS that would be assigned to the various Officers; and that his (BIO) men were ready and requested Idressa to get his men ready. BIO cautioned Idrissa to CHECK BACKGROUNDS of his(Idrissa's) men carefully before informing them[about the plan]. Apparently, Iddrissa proseeded to inform TEN(10) of his STRONG MEN. But Idriss Kamara had to undergo a minor operation for appendicitis a few days before the coup. Although he was still unwell, he proceeded to Freetown with his men  together with Lieutenant Kambo  with bombs and arms in a civilian vehicle. They then went to Kenema to appraise  officers including and Late Second Lieutenant Sandi about the correct time for the operation and waited for SAJ Musa and his men. Lieutenent SAJ MUSA arrived and advised Idrissa Kamara and the others to secure a better vehicle and to travel to Freetown and inform the other colleagues in Freetown that he SAJ MUSA)  was coming down to Freetown with a 14.5mm ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN. As it were Shooting started in Freetown at about 7am on WEDNESDAY 29 APRIL 1992.  

What Julius Maada Bio said in that You Tube interview somewhat corroborates  the what the real plan was. The initial explanation that the soldiers moved to Freetown to complain or mutiny about their "LOGISTICS" was a smoke screen and at worse a blatant lie.
 Apparently, LIEUTENENT JAMES YAYAH KANU appears to have believed this version, hence his effort to go  to President Momoh to negotiate after which, he was arrested by the others and subsequently murdered  among the 29 slaughtered on 29th December 1992- and BIO was present and knew all about it. I also note that Yayah Kanu was the was the Commander of the COBRA BATTALION and Sahr Sandi and Tom Nyuma were members of that Battalion. All the other planners, were under the command of Lieutenent Colonel JOY TURAY of the TIGER  BATTALION. The List of the First JUNTA Cabinet reflects the closeness the the men in the Tiger Battlion as opposed to the Cobra Battlion.
 Yayah Kanu gave an Interview to to BBC the next day (after Strasser's first breathless speech.  He was interviewed by Robin White on the Focus -on- Africa programme.  Asked by Robin: "Are you the leader of the coup?" Kanu replied: "I am not and I cannot tell. A leader has not yet been appointed". Robin-  another question:- "When will that happen?"  (i.e. appoint a leader)  Answer by Yayah Kanu: Mr Robin White, I want to tell you this: I am not a party to the coup. I cannot tell you my motive". Question: "But you are involve with it , I think?" Answer: "My involvement was to negotiate with the coup makers who held State House yesterday. And later, I was also arrested and they almost had me executed.. . Later, they changed their mind, that they should have me going on because they need me". Question by Robin? "Who nearly execute you?" Answer by Yayah Kanu "The members of the coup". Question? by Robin: "But have they now asked you to help them?"  Answer by Yayah: "I have not actually been asked to help them, but I understand I am a member of the council....."
 This shows  how much  knowledge Yayah had or know of the plan by BIO and his gang. He was subsequently murdered on 29 December 1992 among the group of 29 innocent others.
Bio knew  and has now told the world that the overthrow of the legitimate Government of President Momoh was not a spontaneous affair as many people thought at first and continue to argue and believe. Preparation had begun several weeks before that 29 th April 1992 by a handful of people greedy for power. Yet once again he tried to put some blame on the civilians saying:
 "So, in fact it was not a complete coup that we executed completely; we only started it and it was actually the civilians that er !-completed it: they came out and they were running after ministers and that was the end of that government..."
 This is nothing but a bear face open and deliberate confession of TREASON  being boasted to the whole wide world. But I want to remind Julius Maada Bio, that notwithstanding the breach of the OATHS he took when he joined the Army, to openly boast of  serious criminal offences does not make him appear any wiser. Perhaps that was one reason for him to challenge for the Presidency so that if he wins he can get out of the responsibility.

Let me remind Maada Bio That A CRIME IS A CRIME AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN A CRIME; so don't go boasting that you got rid of a legitimate government because you think you are the one who has to "free the people" as you say.

Also let me remind you that:
The 1991 Constitution expressly states in section 108 subsection (8)that:
"Any suspension,alteration, or repeal of (the) Constitution other than on the authority ofParliament shall be deemed to be an act of Treason".
Therefore, the coup plot you engineered and executed was  plainly unconstitutional and illegal and was clearly an act treason for which you and your co-plotters could be punished. 
 Apart from the breach of the provision of the constitution , your military coup also breached the Treason and StateOffences Act 1963, (Act No. 10 of 1963), which clearly makes it a treasonableoffence to overthrow or change the government of Sierra Leone by the useforce.

  In addition, you were also clearly in breach of severalprovisions of the Republic of Sierra Leone Military Forces (RSLMF) Act of 1961as amended.
So do not go on boasting about getting rid of a Government  bu use of force because you do not see and you are not able to do so through legitimate means or apply your own standards as to whether the government is a bad one or a good one.

 You have tried to gain the presidency and you have failed. Now you carry out threats with your gang of SLPP disgruntled members. It will be wise to stay away from the thoughts of using force when you have failed again in all the artificial efforts  you are getting involved with.  Even many of the SLPP [newly] electeed MPs  and Councillors do are revolting against your instruction to boycut Parliament (and Councils). These are not stupid people. To wait till the very last day and last minutes of the deadline for filing petitions against a well won election and going to the Court only when the Offices are closed is a stupid tactics to generate excuses that your papers were rejected or not accepted. It simply shows you are an usurious bunch and clearly UNFIT TO RULE. 

The game is now over It is time to leave the
field ,put off the lights and go to "SLPP".


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