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President EBK back to State House  - 5 more years                                   APC majority Party to 2017

 I  am going to be BOLD (like CNN in the USA elections) and say the ALL PEOPLES CONGRESS led by Presiden Dr Ernestt Bai Koroma has  clearly WON the 17 November 2012 Sierra Leone FIRST MULTI-TIER (4x4)) Elections.  The President and the Party has defeated the SLPP and others HANDS DOWN. Maada Bio and his SLPP followers must now accept the defeat . There is no turning back

 I will congrtulate the Sierra Leonean people for their part in the elections. God did answer the prayers of all who prayed  for a non violent election and these prayers have been heard. Those who have lost must now accept that this is not their time and must rise up and move on. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.

Some obselections immediately after Polling Stations closed at the SLBC.
92 year old blind voter after casting his vote
The initial analysis given by some observers both National and international showed the direction the resuls were going. Some openly commented on the change of mood of Sierra Leoneans, the level of  organisation, their patience in enduring the difficulties the met at the polling stations. Some went further and commented on the visual development the Ernest  Koroma Government has been implemented all over the country.

Womens' monitoring Group itheir situation Room
Yes there were some minor logistical problems but yet the entire process was a complete success. The authorities and planners, helpers and operators of this election must be given the praise for the way the whole country carried out this work. The work of the Polling Agents, the police and all the operators seem to have handeled the process with great efficiency. The non disruption of the process, and some understanding of giving priority to the vulnarable, e.g. pregnant women, old people women with young babies - this is impressive. I was particularly touched by the 92 year old blind man who voted at the Government Model School and his pleasere  of being able to cast his vote.

  In addition, Radio and Tevelision stations in the country and even out of the country must be given praise for bringing us News and the results of this elections. Those of us outside the country have benefited from this opportunity. I feel as if I am there on the spot as I follow the results  read in a very methodical manner - Polling Station by Polling Station.  This is proper Data collection and it will make post election analysis easy and authoritative. I want to thank all those stations that have been involves in availing these facilities. In times gone by, we were limited to information from the BBC, brief commentry -sometimes inaccurate information or by word of mouth  and fragmented. We must be grateful to the local Sierra Leone Media - Based on the information and data provided by these bodies.

 My feelings and conclusions are reinforced by the reports belo from John Leigh and Sylvi Blyden - Curled from their Face book comments.

John Leigh  (at Facebook)
The 2012 Race Is Over. EBK and APC have won clean and outright. No Second Round is Needed. Am pa, Am pong. End of Story!

A. EBK/APC has won the 2012 election upon the conclusion of very First Round. Bio/Dr. Sesay/SLPP New Directions have suffered a most woeful national defeat that will shake the slpp to its crumbling foundations for years to come. Unfortunately for the two-party system, longterm beneficial reforms from within the slpp are not likely in the near term.

B. Herewith is my perception of how our registered voters voted yesterday. I estimate that 2,300,000 valid votes were cast during First Round balloting.

C. I estimate that when the votes are completely counted, EBK will garner 65% or circa 1,500,000 valid votes but not less than 1,260,000 valid votes. All others will receive circa 35% or about 800,000 valid votes but not more than 103,500,000 valid votes in case EBK got less than 65%.


1. OVERALL VOTER TURNOUT and casting valid votes will not exceed 75% of all those voters registered.

2. TURNOUT may be affected by the NEC-imposed restrictions on private transportation for
security reasons.

3. SLPP will be shut out of power in the Western Area, the Northern Region and in Kono.

4. APC will win every parliamentary seat in the Western Area and in the North.

5. APC will gain 60% or more of the popular vote in Kono. Total APC vote in the East will total 40%.

6. APC will gain 40% of the vote in Pujehun and lesser amounts in Bo, Bonthe and Moyamba. Total APC vote in the South will reach 30% of the valid votes cast.

7. Bio/SLPP will win lacklusterly in Kenema, Kailahun and all of Southern Province and APC will continue to be on their case henceforth in the slpp heartland, a region burning for development that slpp ignored for years.

8. Dr. Kadi Sesay's presence in the SLPP ticket under Madder Bio had no good meaning to Northern or female voters. APC will gain majorities in the North circa 85% of the valid vote cast. In numerous Northern precincts, Bio/Sesay/SLPP will get zero vote.

9. APC will get up to 75% of the vote in the Western Area and will crush SLPP in every parliamentary constituency, every city council ward and in the contest for Mayor.

10. APC will have a large majority of seats in parliament, possibly up to 74.

11. Apart from APC and SLPP, the 7 other parties will have to reform or fade away soon.

12. After a period of quiet, slpp heartlanders will come heavy on the crooks, liars, fakes, outsiders, jujumongers, tribalists, intimidators, threatmongers and other dysfunctional types in their party but such a noble endeavor would be an uphill battle.

What is needed now by slppers is soul-searching, not denial, cuss-cuss and rudeness.


Hard worker
Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (at Facebook)                         I can confirm that the ruling party has already won 71 Parliamentary seats from all the four regions of the country making the next Government of President Koroma to be one of the most representative of national unity that the country has seen since restoration of multi-party democracy.

This 71 seat winning means, even without the Paramount Chief MPs who traditionally vote with ruling party, the APC has an almost two-thirds majority in the next Parliament. It means the APC can now make changes to the National Constitution even if the SLPP is opposed to such changes.

 Unlike legal bills which require a simple majority to be enacted, changes to the constitution require a 2/3rds majority of votes before such changes can be done. Such changes will include undertaking a separation of the position of Attorney-General from Justice Minister but DO NOT include entrenched clauses like our human rights which can only be changed by national referendum.
the same, the next APC Government of President Koroma will be one of the most powerful one the country has seen; similar only to the 2002-2007 Government of Ahmad Tejan Kabbah in parliamentary support.
Here are the breakdowns:-
All the 39 seats in North went to APC. All the 20 seats contested in West went to APC and going by voting trend, there is a projection to win the yet-to-be-conducted Constituency 92 seat which will add one more to total and give APC 72 seats in the next parliament.
Hon. Amadu Kanu of Constituency 86 in Moyamba has retained his seat. He is the only APC MP in the entire Southern Province as despite pundits' predictions, the APC did not win a single seat in Bo or Pujehun or Bonthe.
Moving to Eastern Region, all the 8 seats have been won by APC in Kono. Two seats won in Kailahun and finally, one (1) seat won in Kenema by former APC Deputy Minister under the old APC regime, Leonard S. Fofanah (his provisional results are at end of this post).

So, in summary, we have for APC:
ALL 39 SEATS IN NORTH (9 from Bombali; 6 from Kambia; 6 from Koinadugu; 10 from Port Loko and 8 from Tonkolili)

ALL 20 SEATS IN WEST (plus one more soon)





GRAND TOTAL = 39+20+8+1+1+2 (71 VOTES) plus additional soon for Western Area's Constituency 92
Results for Kenema's Constituency 15:
2,786 for BRIMA M. KAMANDA (former SLPP MP running as Independent)

Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (x2- Face book commentary)
Facebook buddies, the analysis you have all been waiting for on is here. It will not be too long a piece but it will not be short either. Let me first start off by singing the following lines over and over again:
Then, let me say state the following words in Mende which I understand a lot of honest SLPP supporters are saying to one another right now:


Now, having prefaced this piece with the above, please allow me to confidently congratulate His Excellency the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for his successful LANDSLIDE re-election as the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.
Based on the analysis of my reporters collected results from all over the country, there simply is NO WAY for there to be a RUN-OFF ELECTIONS this year.
AWARENESS TIMES is now predicting a MINIMUM of 62% of the votes for the President.
Additionally, the APC is going to have a MINIMUM of 70 seats in the next Parliament as they have swept all the contested seats in Western Area, all the seats in Northern Province, all the seats in Kono, possibly retained their seat in Moyamba and won two seats in Kailahun (#03 and #05). APC's candidate will be declared the winner in #05 despite NEC challenging the court injunction and allowing Ansu Lansana's face on ballot!!!
I wonder if our Judiciary will have the guts to hurl in NEC officials for contempt?
MOVING ON.., at the end of the day, Maada Bio put up a stiff fight in the Southern Province but it was not replicated in the Eastern Province where the APC strongly challenged him inside his so-called strongest support base. The APC was even beating the SLPP in polling stations within Kenema City. In places like Daru town in the heartland of SLPP's eastern Kailahun country, the total presidential collation by my reporters is APC = 1,185 and SLPP = 3,908 (23% for APC in Daru) whilst Koindu, Kangama, Buedu, Dia and other Kissi areas were handing over votes to APC's Koroma in a wu-teh-teh fashion. Infact, the APC candidate scored a decisive victory over SLPP's Musa Tamba Sam with an almost 70% victory for APC and Ernest Koroma in that part of Kailahun.
When you move up North, the SLPP has not been able to make much significance in many many places. SLPP has lost all the three parliamentary seats (2 in Koinadugu and 1 in Kambia) which they had held and they woefully lost face all over the North. Whilst initial results had showed a trend of up to 15% votes for the SLPP in North, the majority of the votes which were to later come in, indicated that it will be an over 90% victory in most of the APC support bastions up north where voter turnout was high.
In the Western Area, where the vilest possible negative propaganda was launched by the SLPP backed by a totally hijacked and compromised media landscape that saw the SLAJ President Umaru Fofana, pull all stops to protect Maada Bio and demonise Ernest Koroma, there was the hand of God at work. Indeed, the Almighty said, enough is enough with your years and years of hijacked control of the media. Despite all the terrible propaganda launched in the Western Area, the people continued to trust in the integrity of the few media houses who refused to be bought by the opposition and their browbeating team.
My phones have been ringing non-stop by residents of Freetown and the reason for this is quite clear. The SLPP's fight to demonise the truth and promote evil with the aid of their hired media was not an easy one! But the true na in dey last so we have a results where the people spoke that they understand the issues of global crisis being responsible for high fuel and rice prices...
They also spoke at the ballot box that they had seen through all the shenaningans of those who had deluded themselves they could control our people's mindsets. The answer has been delivered at the ballot box yesterday in Freetown!
More analytic details later but for now, let me just say Congrats Koroma! Congrats APC! This is a landslide victory for the President of Sierra Leone and his ruling APC. The SLPP put up a strong fight; they deployed all kinds of propaganda tools and methods and spectacularly infiltrated many government institutions and officials but at the end of the day, the figures and the Gods decided otherwise. This is not the SLPP's time but let me congratulate them for putting up a fight which made the democratic contest worthwhile to behold.
I trust Julius Maada Bio will be making that phone call to concede any time from now. He has been well and truly trounced at the polls by Ernest Bai Koroma. Even in the ward where Bio stays and voted (Ward 387, Spur Loop Wilberforce), Maada Bio was beaten by Ernest Bai Koroma. Mr. Bio, make that phone call Sir. The President of Sierra Leone is on standby to receive your congratulations and concession and the Nation is waiting to hear how your concession speech will go.

Bamine Charlie Boy (Facebook commentary)
As i posted late yesterday that from the results coming in, i doubt a run-off. I can now say that EBK has clearly won yesterday elections. My conclusion is based on this:
1. APC performance in the West in this election is 8-9% up compared to 2007 and they virtually took all the Parliamentry and local govt seats.
2. APC did a remarkable performance in the South-East than any other previous elections in our democratic history and even won all the seats in Kono which SLPP took all in 2007
3. APC did not only keep there stronghold (North) but massively whooped SLPP there with at least having 85-90% of the votes.
So with all these facts, there is no way EBK ”World Best” (As his supporters called him) will loose this elections.
Congratulations EBK and wish you all the best in your next 5yrs. I will expect Maada Bio by now will do the honorable thing by Calling EBK and congratulate him.

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