Monday, 16 July 2012


The Late Hon. Victor Chukuma Johmson, MP CRSL

Thee All Peoples Congress Party (APC) has been HIT wit a bit these few weeks. Following the death of the President's mother, Madam Alice Koroma- a very meaningful mother and a pilar to the APC the Party has now lost it's Duputy Leader and was also the Deputy Speake of the House of Parliament. The Honorable Victor Chukuma Johnson was  a very loyal Party man and was one of those who stood up for the resurection of the Party following the illegal Coup by the 'Borbo sojjas'
 who thought thy can run the country and the mayhem that followed lasting almost 12 yeays. The Honorable Victor Chucukma was a Member of Parliament serving his constituency in Waterloo and during the problem period served as Chairma of the Committee of Management of the Freetown City Council (performing his Civic Mayoral duties. Most recently, Hon. Johnson was recognisen publickly and was awarded one of the highest Honours  for his Public duties - the CRSL.
I have known Honorable Victor Chukuma Johnson for a fery long time. . This sefl mad man who worked his way through life's difficulties and served his people and his countr well. I know he has not been keeping very well for a while now- and this was revealed the last time we met on one of his medical exursions.The family will miss him dearly, his constituency will miss him a lot the Party will miss him badly and the country will miss him tremendiously.
I take this opportunity to entend my deepest sympathy to his family. He was a real family friend.
 May his soul REST IN PEACE

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