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SLPP Man (Baboon) Caught Impersonating the Hard Working Monkey  ;   In Foday Marris  Post
SLPP Baboon Caught Impersonating the Hard Working Monkey.

For over four years now, the government of president Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has been telling Sierra Leoneans that Sierra Leone is a construction zone. Under the president’s agenda for change massive construction IS going on all over the country. The evidence of hard-work can be seen all around the 12 districts of Sierra Leone. However, it seems as if some Sierra Leone Problem People are determined to take the country back to the old days of political violens, underdevelopment and retrogression.
As if the president’s call fell on deaf ears, a former resident of New Jersey, USA decided to go to Sierra Leone and disturb the work in progress. The said individual traveled from the United States to Burkina Faso, then traveled by road through Liberia, into Kailahun where he was received by senior members of Sierra Leone’s most Senior Problem People (SPP). Upon his arrival, KJM as he was nicknamed was informed of the operation codenamed PPSLD (Problem People for Sierra Leone Destruction).
When he was ready to begin his clandestine mission, KJM disguised himself as a monkey by dipping himself into raw acid to get rid of his hair. His main objective as prescribed by Senior Problem People was so that he could look more like a monkey than a baboon. He wanted to blend in with the working monkeys. Unfortunately, for him he was identified by vigilant voters who are determined not to allow any Problem Person to disturb the peace, tranquility, progress and development of Sierra Leone.
Through another Sierra Leone Problem Person, KJM filed the following falls report regarding voter registration at Constituency 111.
“This morning, February 10, 2012, while voters were peacefully standing in line trying to register, the notorious Lansana Fadika pulled up in a few trucks loaded with thugs and escorted by Siarra Leone Police and tried to force his way ahead of the people already in line in order for him and his Thugs to register ahead them. When objections were raised by the people in line against Fadika’s brazen attempt to register ahead of the people already there, he and his thugs started harassing, intimidating, threatening and verbally assaulting the people.

Fortunately one of our most powerful and fearless supporters, Mr. Kathos J. Mattai was already in line waiting to get his registration form. He also complained about the brazen audacity of Fadika and his men, and then they threatened “to deal with him” for voicing his objection. As the thugs tried to pounce on him, he warned them of their misbehavior and breach of peace and even threatened to alert the American Embassy since he is also an American citizen. That was the only element of restraint that stopped the thugs from physically assaulting him.
Some of the complaints by the people in line was that Fadika did not even belong in Constituency 111 and so he should not be registering there at all. STAY TUNED, MORE NEWS TO FOLLOW ON THIS VOTER REGISTRATION INTIMIDATION BY FADIKA IN CONSTITUENCY 111.”
This false report comes after Flag-Bearer Baboon, Murder Bio, raised a false alarm when he issued a press release that said; “It has come to the attention of the Sierra Leone Problem People (SLPP), that the ruling Action Progress and Commitmern people, (APC) has embarked on transporting ex-combatants from different parts of the country to register in towns in the South and the Eastern Provinces, the strongholds of the Opposition SLPP. Ex-combatants armed with weapons and other offensive instruments have already been ferried to Moyamba, Bo, Kenema, Pujehun, Kailahun and Zimmi. In addition, foreign nationals and ex-combatants from neighbouring countries are also being transported by Sierra Leone’s Ambassadors accredited to those countries for the purpose of swelling APC votes in the elections.”
The Sierra Leone Problem People, whohave caused most of the Sierra Leone Peoples Problems will not succeed in their political strategy of violence. This is why KJM’s moves were tracked by government and he has been finally caught. The people of Sierra Leone are on the look out for two more suspects they believe are Alpha Saidu Bangura and Jeffrey Macarthy, two men who paralyze their opponents with profanities Sierra Leonans refer to as “mammy cuss.” Both men have a striking resemblance with KJM. If you see them, please do not confront them because they are armed with the worst kind of profanities. Contact the nearest law enforcement agency for their arrest.
Photo: Courtesy Mirror News

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