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Thanks to Dr Sylvia Blyden for this update.
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Now we begin to know where all the monies that came into the hands of the NPRC post 1992 COUP went.. The IMF, WORLD BANK, EUROPEAN FUND  and such like International funding bodies were in 'post haste' in releasing large amounts of monies to the Military Government of Captain Strasser and his "PIKIN SOJAS", when they overthrew the legitimate government of President Joseph Saidu Momoh. I recall even a $50,000 million Special Drawing Rights (SDR) facility, which had been approved during President Siaka Stevens time in 1983 or thereabout, (when Hon Salia Jusu Sherriffe was Finance Mininter,) frozen all that time was also released to them. Equally a Deutsche Mark 70 million by the Germans, for which the City Council was connected..
 The records of all those heavy amounts must now be investigated. These 'boy soldiers' of which Maada Bio became a one time second in command, and men like John Benjamin must account for these funds which were dissipate (FITYFATA) with no trace until now that we begin to see where these monies went.

There was no proper control of these high class financing, and these BORBOR SOLDIERS simply had a free hand to ROB the state with no fear or thought. Yes, they instituted Saturday cleaning of the streets, and engaged in prayer days every now and then. They spent some money in projects like building/ re-furbishing Round Abouts and painted images of some past heroes, here and there and driving up and down in big cars wasting monies on 'bleached skin" girls and showing off.. Now we begin to know and see the PAPER WORK of the slick ways these International Finance bodies developing funds where coveted and hidden in overseas accounts of these TIFF MAN DEM. So what do we do now?
 Looking closely at the document below, provided by Awareness Time Proprietor, Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, the details can clearly be seen of this one transaction - date of transfer, 9 December 1994; from Overseas Trust Bank Limited. This does not look like a Sierra Leone based Bank - perhaps a Hung Kong Bank. The account number at this first leg of the transaction  shows 003101601; The name of the officer semms to be  a Mr FRANK YIU. The Bank reference number as: 60042/60023 530 with Julius Maada Bio's name clearly visible in the document. The amount is stated as: HKD 387,000 (Three hundred and eighty seven thousand Hung Kong Dollars - converted at the rate of 7.7400HKD to US$1( now this was 1992).

 The second LEG of the transaction, is a movement from Overseas Trust Bank Limited in Hung Kong to  TSB ( Trustee Savings Bank  (NOW PART OF LLOYDS BANK - and now owned by British Tax Payesrs and British Government):
 The address is clearly seen as TSB Channel  Island Limited, OFFSURE CENTRE, PO BOX No 597, ST. HELIER, JERSEY, JE48 XW.  ACCOUNT NUMBER 503400 - NAME: JULIIUS MAADA BIO. 
Note that this account number is different from the one in the Overseas Trust Bank. These accounts are created to facilitate TAX AVOIDANCE - hence OFFSURE - They are TAX HEAVENS . 
It is clear from this document that the TSB Jersey holds a correspondent account for the Overseas Trust Bank with account number 3101601-  The instuction rom the Hung Kong Bank, to debit their account held at TSB Jersey can be visualise at the bottom of the document with a check box "TICKED"

 On the bottom right side of the document from Overseas Trust Bank Limited marked "Remittance" (at the top right) one can see the words " APPLICANT'S SIGNATURE: followed by the words " "CHAMPION INVESTMENT LIMITED" signed by two 'AUTHORISED SIGNATURES' underneath with the telephone number (I guess Hung Kong's) as 8020163. 
QUESTIONS: WHO ARE CHAMPION INVESTMENT LIMITED? How did they get involved? Were they facilitators or Transfer/transaction Agents? Where did the money come from to end up with them so that they may pass it on through the Banks. What was the FULL value/amount of the funds? How many 'dealers' were involve? What was thier commission in this deal?

 The Government and ANTI CORRUPTION MUST NOW STEP IN. This is only a scratch- the krowkrow go big jes nor. (The wound will soon open wide)

Sierra Leone Opposition Threatens to Kill Journalists Before Polls: Staunch members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) have yesterday promised that come November 17th 2012, they will be embarking on a mission to kill journalists they perceive as being against their party. The SLPP members made the threats yesterday whilst molesting two journalists from the Awareness Times who had gone to the party offices to seek clarification from Julius Maada Bio concerning monies alleged to have been stolen from the State and paid into his overseas accounts at the time he was Deputy Head of State in the NPRC military junta. (ONE OF NUMEROUS BANKING DOCUMENTS CURRENTLY IN POSSESSION OF AWARENESS TIMES IS ACCOMPANYING THIS UPDATE)
The Awareness Times had initially fruitlessly tried to contact Mr. Bio on his phone lines but having failed to get him, we got his Personal Assistant John Tucker who said his boss was “tied up” and “busy” but he would find time to speak with him.
Awareness Times then informed Tucker that we were sending two journalists and we dispatched Edward Tommy and cub reporter Mariama Bundu to speak with Mr. Bio.
It was whilst the two journalists were patiently waiting to talk to Mr. Bio that they were pounced upon by supporters of Mr. Bio who accused them of being spies listening to the SLPP secrets. They clearly knew Tommy to be a journalist and when he reminded them that he was waiting to speak with Bio and he was from Awareness Times, they went enraged and ordered Tommy and Mariama to leave the premises. They frog-marched them all the way down the three sets of stairways with one of them even bundling up Tommy’s trousers whilst shouting and threatening them.
They rudely insulted the journalists all the way to their party gates whilst openly making threats that they had certain journalists they would be killing as soon as they won the elections in November.
“We just dey wait for the bell for ring!!” a violent SLPP lady promised as she said they will deal with journalists as soon as the bell is announced that they have won the elections.
Many citizens are fearful that with the growing violence originating from the SLPP during which they do not even spare their members, the Sierra Leone Police needs to be on proper alert and with a good state of mind to avert any pogrom and massacre of citizens especially journalists. Meanwhile, most independent journalists no longer have confidence in the ability of the President of Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) to protect them from SLPP partisans as he is widely believed to be heavily compromised on the side of the SLPP. Yesterday, the SLAJ Offices were closed and when journalists phoned up Umaru Fofana the president, he said he was too busy attending to a report he was filing for the BBC to attend to SLAJ matters.
It can be recalled that the opposition has made a lot of noise over the Government’s decision to arm the Sierra Leone police after years of the police using obsolete weapons. An arms embargo on the country was lifted in late 2010 which was when the Government started a process to order the weapons to ensure the country’s internal security was well guarded.
“Only criminals and murderers and those planning to undertake very bad things will oppose a country arming its legitimate police force. If the SLPP was not full of criminals and thieves, they would not be fearful of armed policemen,” said Mohamed Bockarie Fofana, a youth activist from Karina, Bombali District. His sentiments are being widely re-echoed all over the country.

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