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There are people with integrety and common sense still in the SLPP. Afterwards this is a Party that began in the early 1950s with people with good crdentials; including Chiefs, Doctors, Lawyers Businessmen and women, Clargymen – people with consience who knew the values of Nation building. Pick up some of the old records, and read about their contributions. Men liks H E B John – the First Education Minister in Sir Milton Margai’s Government. Men like RGO King, Chief Jai Kai-Kai, Kaisamba, Hon Chief Bia Koblo, Kandeh – Bureh, JCO Crowther, A G Randal, PC Kamanda -Bongay, Prince J Williams of Bo, to name but a few.

Whrere is this integrety in MAADA BIO and the likes of him who selected him? ARE SIERRA LEOLEANS MAA-DA? Are You CRAZZY? Maada Bio for President? What a JOKE!!
Lets have more resignations or actions and demonstrations against this unacceptable fafe of COUP-MAKER optimist who thinks he should lead Sierra Leone. One thing we must remember, the AMNESTY that was reached in Ivory Coast(after MAADA Bio’s Palace Coup on Strasser) was never recognised by the UNITED NATIONS. Even Kofi Annan- the then UN Secretary General, rejected with RAGE the fact that people like BIO should get away with killing innocent people. This man was involved in more than one plot to stage the coup in 1992, then afterwards made a coup on his Leader Strasser. How can Sierra Leoneans TRUST such an unstable powerdrunk self promoted general? He should be facing charges in the International Criminal Court soon, now that the Special Court of Sierra Leane's mandate is coming to an end. Like Charles Taylor, Dr Radavan Karaditch, he should not escape justice for the innocent  whose lives perrished with his contrbution. Shame on people like Dr Khadi Sesay, people with intellegence who is still backing kim. Well as for John Benjamin, he is right up there with it as well- Secretary to the NPRC -who will forget?
I am not surprised JOHN LEIGH resigns.  I am sure more clear minded and upright SLPP Party workers will take correective measures soon if the SLPP is to survive as a proper Political Party and not a CLICK of secret society marginal men.

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Thanks to AWARENESS TIMES- Freetown Sierra Leone for this piece of news. [ Photo from Cokorioko
Two Significant Western Area Indigenes Resign from SLPP (One Country; One People slogan under Threat): Josephine Mac-Thompson & John Ernest Leigh say goodbye
Dec 16, 2011, 17:16

Two Significant Western Area Indigenes Resign from SLPP (One Country; One People slogan under Threat)
Josephine Mac-Thompson & John Ernest Leigh say goodbye

December 15, 2011

Mr. Sulaiman Tejan-Sie

J                                                                                                                                     John E. Leigh
Sierra Leone People's Party

Wallace-Johnson Street



Dear Sir:

After much careful thought and deep soul-searching over time, I have concluded that I must exit the party that I have genuinely long labored to promote and modernize against impossible odds.

In deciding to resign my party membership, I have categorically rejected any and all advice and recommendations from deeply loyal party friends I respect and who repeatedly pleaded with me to stay put.

Clearly, while many fine personalities continue as loyal, hard working party members nationwide and abroad, someone with my background, experience and upbringing cannot belong to a political party fronted by ex-junta personalities and under the sordid influence of those I personally know as nation-wreckers, money-grubbing lying rogues, false pretenders for money and such-like characters; not to mention the widespread acceptance in secret and off-camera of voodoo juju-swear ceremonies as part and parcel of the party's unofficial 'democratic' process in selecting its leadership.

Accordingly, please enter my resignation, effective today, from my membership of the Sierra Leone People's Party as well as any patron or committee positions that may have been assigned me.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.



John E. Leigh


Mr. John O. Benjamin, SLPP Chairman

Dr. Alieu Massaquoi, Acting Secretary-General, SLPP New England, USA Chapter

Mr. Murtada Tunis, Secretary-General, SLPPNA

SEE JOHN LEIGH IN ACTION- Campaining for SLPP Leadership. 
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“I wept because that was the greatest ungratefulness I have ever heard!”- Josephine E. Mac-Thompson (December 2011)

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