Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lybian crisis

The chief of staff of the National Transistion Council in Bengazi has been Killed. The Head of the Council said he was killed by Gadafi's loyalist. Aljezeera repeats this claim. Why does the BBC world Service News keep saying he was killed by "armed gang"? This man wss fighting in the front line. He was then summond to appear in front of the council to answer some questions on "military matters" according to the council. Suddenly he was shot dead before getting there. . Then the council try to blame Gadafi's loyalists. It seems to me that he was suspected to have some relations with GadFI'S SIDE SO THE ntc rEBLES KILLED HIM. IS THERE ANY CREDIBILITY ON THESE REBLES NOW- THEY ARE TRYING TO LIE THEIR WAY OUT -SAYING GADAFI LOYALISTS KILLED HIM.
THIS IT IS NOTED TAKES PLACE A DAY AFTER WILLIAM HAGUE TRY TO GIVE THE NTC SOME CREDIBILITY. Does any one know who these people are. I want to hear from the Arab Laegeu Secregenerak now. I want to hear from NATO secretary General now. I want to hear from the USA, SOUTH AFRICA, NIGERIA, GABON now. Do they now regret their Vote in the Secyrity Council for a No Fly Zone. Now we have Regim change, breaching of UN sanctions bty Britain,France and USA. We are going to see the lybiann version of SOMALIA soon. A dvided war torn country. It is a pity for the Lybians -East or West

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