Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lybian crisis - From No Fly Zone To Regim Change

Now the BBC have helped us to understand who killed Major General Abdel Fatah Younes. We now see that these Rebles are not even truthful and credible enough to control Lybia.
Why the British government is so particular baffels me. Willian Hague- the one time failed Conservative Leader- is now Foreign Secretary . From the very begining of this crisis , he bungled. He keeps on making wrong judgenemts that sucks Britain more and more into this usless war. Just listin to some of the answers giving to BBC Radio 4 interviewers' questions and the reckless answers some so called diplomats/ military experts(AKA Lord DONOT or something like that)/government supporters give. You can see that they have no hope yet want to keep the "STIFF UPPER BRITISH LIP" to cover the shame. Many good British people have spoken in protest of this rubbish involvement.
It is time for Africans to back to the UN General Assembly to review this carnage NATO is inflicting on Lybia. More and more civilians are dying, not trotected. Collateral damage is no explanation. What is legitimate military target? Bombing Television Stations/ TV Ariels/TV Saterlite Dishes- are these legitimate military targets? Bombing people private residence, killikg innocent people for what?
Recognising the Rebles- are we going to see this reckless policy applied all over the world now? In Burmer, in Columbia, in the Phillipians, in Mexico. So when we see soldiers and/or rebels now in African countries, Britain/USA/ FRANCE(they already did that in Ivory Coast anyway)/All NATO states will recognise these REBLES. Well, why is the West ignoring SOMALILAND then? Why is that peaceful North of Somalia not recognised up till now.
BRITISH HYPOCRACY- The UN Resolution called for No Fly Zone to prtect civilians in Bengazi - Now we have a policy -clear cut policy- of REGIM CHANGE and yet Hague says, "its up to the people of Lybia..." What A FAKE!!

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