Monday, 24 April 2017



The intertwining of "The Tonkololi Group"- The Taqi Brothers -Hamid Taqi and his NDP;  Prime Minister Siaka STEVENS appointing Kawusu Konte as Acting Prime Minister and Acting Defence Minister rather than the usual Dr Mohamed Sorie Forna - dramatic resignation together with M O Bash-Taqi from Ministerial positions; Dr John Karefa-Smart and his UDP - effect on whole political climate; Bragadier John Bangura's failed coup de tart and execution; dramatic U-turn on progressing Republican status; replacement of Governor General and Parliamentary sanctioning of Republicanism, with Chief Justice C O E Cole, who had replaced Governor General Sir Banja Tejan-Sie, approved as the first Ceremonial President; Two days later, Siaka STEVENS installed as first Executive President of Sierra Leone. Defence Pact with Republic of Guinea signed. Joseph Saudu Momoh's elevation from Leutenant Colonel in1968 to Head of Army 1971


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