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As CA Kamara-Taylor said in a debate in Parliament some time ago, "TIME WILL TELL"! Well the TIME has arrived. Saturday 17th November 2012 is that TIME and we will all know what Sierra Leoneans think about the LEADERSHIP of the country.

 The Americans decided last week: the Chinese are deciding this week and Sierra Leoneans will decide on Saturday. They are a wise and sensible people and will not allow themselves to be fooled. After almost 12 years of war and hardship, it is clear that this country has picked herself up and is striving to go forward. The outgoing Government of Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma has demonstrated pragmatism in the light of all the odds.

The people are much more happy today than since 1996 to 2007. This government has been able to transform the overall bad feelings and although there is evidently a long way to go , it is certain that great progress has been made over this 5 years of Earnest Koroma's leadership.  No on is saying that all the people are satisfied  but at the same time they feel better placed and are able to deduce that it will be better to re-elect the incumbent President Koroma than to bring into control  a candidate who is clearly tainted with all sorts of damaging baggage carrying credentials.

Today we see almost to full campaigning throughout the country. It is encouraging to see that the All Peoples Congress (APC) can campaign in Khailahun, Shanghe, Kenema and many other Southern and Eastern Towns without their supporters being buried alive or butchered. The managerial approach of the President developed from his professional experience in the Insurance Industry has paid off. Sierra Leoneans must be proud to have a son of the soil in the body of Earnest Bai Koroma.

The people of Sierra Leone must be proud to see the respect shown to their President by World Leaders. They must by proud for the on going development throughout the country. It has not been perfect in all areas and a lot still has to be done to overcome dissatisfaction, poverty. However, at this time, it is in the interest of the country the Dr Earnest Bai Korome be returned to STATE HOUSE (Fort Thornton) than for a Passport Money Thief, a money lunderer, a mann implicated in the death of 29 innocent victims, a double coup plotter and operator one with many more vile credentils, to even approach the gates of this prestigious and Historic eddiface. For the betterment of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans,
17 NOVEMBER 2012.

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