Thursday, 1 November 2012


Maada Bio- Sweetheart Boy - Unfit to rule

This image of a Presidential candidate tells it all. (Thanks to the provider) It is as if Maada Bio is turning RED with fear of defeat on 17 November 2012 and a digraceful one too.
 When  I see the RED colours in Freetown and the Provincial Cities and Towns in support of the President Ernest Bai Koroma, I have no doubt that Maada Bio is in for a an experience he has never encountered.
The question is - Why did the  Sad Loveless Problem People (SLPP)  chose this man? With the aboundance of negative evidence (burdens of the soul) that is against him, should the SLPP have thought twice before making their choice? We are looking at a man accused of killing/murdering or an accomplice to murder, a man once exposed by his own previous Party Leader of stealing the country's finances; a man accused of selling the country's Passports and stuffing the illegal funds in a foreign bank by again involving in another crime- that of Money Laundering.; a man accused of crimes in the USA from which he fled.

The catalogue is to long for the SLPP to pick him as their Flagbearer.  Dosen't this shows that the SLPP had lost it's way and has nothing to offer the Sierra Leone People? Why, Why I asked myself several times since his nomination and subsequent election   picking by the small group in the infamous meeting- why did they not get someone credible so that Sierra Leone will have a proper and dignified leader? In his frustration, he openly preaches tribalism rather pittifully.

  We have less than 16 days to the election and we can see Maada Bio has nothing to offer the good people of this country. The people of the South and East of Sierra Leone have shown that they are no longer going to be fooled by rogue politicians such as Maada - a 'Sobel' turned politicial jackass, who only wants an opportunity to get in and sell more passports, smuggle more funds through laundering to his secret accounts overseas.  We have seen the documentation in Squirelgate. We know the names of those he witnessed being killed - the 29 of December 1992 victims; we have seen his hypocritical act in the Peace process with Foday Sankoh and how close he embraced him - he had to seek his elder sister's interest I guess!  All these makes Maada the WORST CHOICE Now!
 Pleaple simply have to stop and look around the country the changes which have been taken place all over the country. After 40 years, the Trains in Pepel are running again becauce Iron Ore production has started. The lights are on again-not perfect- some more work still to be done. The roads all around the country are in action and to put on the roads 40 brand new coach (buses) to support transportation to the provincial towns is evidence of growth in the country. Would Maada Bio and his team match that. Impossible- all the people of Sierra Leone will learn about is how much money have been washed up into his secret accounts in Jersey, or Accra or HongKong!
Sweetheart boy Maada should simply be ready to fall on his sword and accept defeat on 17 November: we do not want to see his martial law mentality overflowing from it's surpressed state- Maada is the WORST leader/contestant I have witnessed in my whole life in Sierra Leone. But would he LEARN?

The Late Lt. Col Yayah James Kanu --Victim
Late Inspector General Bambay Kamara

Added 23rd November 2012:

At exactly 18.27 in the evening of Friday 23rd NOVEMBER 2012, Madam Dr. Christiana Thorpe - Electorial Commissioner of Sierra Leone Declares: ERNEST BIA KOROMA 1,314,881-58.7%  ;  JULIUS MAADA BIO 637, 577 - 37.4%. A CLEAR CUT DEFEAT WITH A GAP OF 477,304 VOTES. THE DIFFERENCE  OF 477,304 VOTES IS 36.30% - A THROUGH TRASHING

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